Often the idea of change
is more difficult than
the change itself.
About the workshop
Movement, Posture, Breath.
Vinyasa Yoga

Movement: Moving from one pose to another based on the breathing, prepares the body for practicing the postures and serves as a practice of meditation in itself.
Asana - Posture: skeletal posture practice in relation to gravity. The posture confirms: a full match between intention and action.
Pranayama - Breathing: Breathing exercises that are based on respiratory manipulation as a tool for meditation and silent sitting.

Uvi Lifschitz
She's like a sun. Uvi was our yoga teacher during workshop. A lot of things to remember and to work with. Happy to meet so clever, beautiful and intelligent person.
The area:
Moshav Hazeva - Shvilim Bamidbar

Shvilim ba Midbar (Desert Routes Inn) lies in Moshav Hatzeva at the heart of the Arava. The inn is designed in an oriental style, and offers a variety of accommodation options and an enchanting colorful yard in a desert atmosphere, with inviting relaxation corners. The guesthouse is especially suitable for couples and families.

Heart of the Arava
So, calm and very comfortable place to stay.
Timna Park

The Timna Valley is located in southern
Israel in the southwestern Arabah,

approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of the Gulf of Aqaba and the town of Eilat. The area is rich in copper ore and has been mined since the 5th millennium BCE. There is controversy whether the mines were active during the Kingdom of Israel and the biblical King Solomon. A large section of the valley, containing ancient remnants of copper mining and ancient worship,
is encompassed in a recreation park.
Sound. Meditation.

The idea of change


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